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Why I Love Horror Fans

Horror Fans!
Date: June 25, 2013 Categories: Blog Comments: No Comments Share:

By Ed Peters There are many reasons I love horror fans. At the most purely practical level, they are the audience for which I was hired to interact with when I joined SPPR eight years ago. It is their dedication to horror cinema – and especially horror DVDs, VODs and Blu-rays – that have directly benefited me, i.e. a steady paycheck since [...]

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We are watching what???
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By Julie Siegel In January of this year, my husband and I welcomed Oliver into the world.  Having a child definitely changes a lot of things, and it also gives you the opportunity to re-live your own childhood, and see things through the perspective of a mini-human.  One of the things I am most excited about is sharing some of my favorite [...]

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Birthdays and Workdays

Pat the Pony
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By Melinda Giordano Once, when I was working in advertising (and there was no resemblance to Mad Men, unfortunately, save for the stray vodka bottle left in the conference room) I was placed in charge of putting together a birthday party. Well, perhaps ‘party’ is too strong a word – ‘brief recognition of birth’ would be more accurate. [...]

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More Summer Things For You To Know About

LA Concervancy
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By Lori Siler   Los Angeles Conservancy volunteers created Last Remaining Seats in 1987 as a way to draw attention to the historic movie palaces of Downtown Los Angeles, many of which were underused and in need of restoration. Little did they know that Last Remaining Seats would become the Conservancy’s signature event, drawing [...]

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