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Observations from the front.

Sharktopus at work at SPPR.
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From Melinda Giordano I’ll admit that this title has a rather militaristic sound.  However, let me assure you:  within these walls there have never been any frenzied cries of ‘incoming!’ or ‘medic!’ – not since I’ve started working here, anyway. So it is not my intention to lead you astray.  I am the first person a visitor [...]

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Notes from Ross

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The first day I walked into the doors of SPPR, Inc., I wasn’t sure what to expect from my new position.  For me, this didn’t just mark the beginning of a new job, but also a new lifestyle as I had only relocated to Los Angeles just a couple of weeks prior without ever being here before. Immediately, I knew I was walking into an office [...]

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Notes from Comic-Con 2012

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From Ed Peters   Every year, the fan faithful by the literal thousands descend on a tiny seaside hamlet south of Los Angeles for a chance to revel in all things unreal: the International Comic Con in San Diego.   And for the past few years, I’ve had the privilege – and the endurance – to work this very important show. Why [...]

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