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The first day I walked into the doors of SPPR, Inc., I wasn’t sure what to expect from my new position.  For me, this didn’t just mark the beginning of a new job, but also a new lifestyle as I had only relocated to Los Angeles just a couple of weeks prior without ever being here before.

Immediately, I knew I was walking into an office tangled in wit, experience and most importantly, freedom of self-expression, which I felt was the kind of environment I needed to thrive.  I’m not one to hold back my thoughts and feelings on things, so it was important to be somewhere that could accept that.  Fast forward a year and now it is clear as day that my “hunch” was correct.

During my tenure with SPPR, Inc., I’ve had the privilege to work with writers, directors, producers and talent from the films we work promote and the collective experience taught me something valuable about being a publicist.  Certain people have their reservations about public relations professionals and that goes without saying. However, the opportunity to work at Comic Con in San Diego, the sCare Foundation charity event and the Chillerama premiere on my first day of work helped put the job into perspective and realize the importance of what we do.

At the Starz/Anchor Bay booth at Comic Con, a young guy, no older than 25, stood next to me examining intently one of the posters we had on our table.  Assuming immediately that he was one of the many fans at the convention, I began a conversation with him.  Turns out he was the writer of the title on the poster and was thrilled to see his work being displayed for all and expressed that through unkempt excitement.  He then told me how he was grateful for all we are doing to get his product some visibility.

Independent films begin as a vague idea and someone’s dream of making it much larger than that.  The finished product becomes a collaboration of hundreds of people who spend valuable time, effort and most likely frustration into making this final product the best it can possibly be.  It is our job to make sure that the work from all of these people is heard and seen by the right people: the fans and the journalists who have the ability to spread the word to those who will enjoy it.  Although we do not play a part in the creation of the entertainment, we do play a crucial role in making sure it gets to the people it was intended for and is perceived in the same vision as those who did create it.  It was thanks to my work with this firm in dealing will all different types of passionate people that I was able to realize that and will use this as fuel to do the best for my clients in the future.

As I leave SPPR, Inc. to move on to other aspects of public relations, I will not forget the unique and eclectic group of individuals I’ve had the pleasure to work with.  The members of our team always found the perfect balance between work and play and often times both, would mix to form an idea that exceeded expectations. Every one here has proven at one time or another that there is always a way to make a movie standout even if it requires an enormous amount of creativity – And no one here is short on that!

With that I say goodbye and good luck.  I was glad I could be here for the 20th Anniversary –  here’s to 20 more years! But not limited to that of course…

Ross Blume

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