About US

SPPR, Inc. is an award-winning, full-service public relations agency.  Founded in 1992 by entertainment industry veteran Sue Procko, the company specializes in the promotion of all facets of the entertainment industry.  We offer a unique advantage for the promotion and positioning of your entertainment project or company.  The agency’s goal is to provide clients with perfect-fit public relations campaigns. Since 1992, SPPR, Inc. has been at the forefront of cutting-edge media technologies.

It takes more than just a well-written press release or eye-catching materials to get coverage:  it takes creative pitches, a rolodex full of strong contacts, persistent follow-up and personal relationships.  SPPR, Inc. has two decades of public relations experience in the entertainment industry.  We’re creative (and fun), persistent (but not annoying) and we know the media personally (we’ve even allowed one or two of them into our own home).  As a result of this experience and the contacts we have cultivated, we offer our clients a high level of exposure as well as acting as an industry resource.

Our clients have been highlighted in major national and local publications ranging from U.S. News & World Report to Entertainment Weekly.  We’ve had clients in Rolling Stone’s “Coolest” issue and even our media giveaways have garnered national coverage.  Our reputation within the online community is unmatched.  And many of our clients have been featured on CNN, Entertainment Tonight, EXTRA, Access Hollywood, E! News Live, Dateline and even, 60 Minutes.